For Playstation, #TheGameIsNeverOver. Not just for gamers, but for athletes of all kinds. Playstation signed a three-year partnership with the prestigious French sports institute: INSEP. In this spot, boxer Souleymane Cisshoko declares himself to a be a gif. Repetitive in his movements and training until his skills are honed like a knife. Good stuff.

Client: PlayStation Clients : Nathalie Dacquin, Sébastien Chéramy Agency : Berengère Mangin, Arnaud Edelhoff, Cyrian Thomas Executive Creative Directors : Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie Copywriter : Josselin Pacreau Art Director : Sébastien Guinet Head of TV : Maxime Boiron TV Producer : Amer Zoghbi Production: \ELSE Directors : HUNGRY BEARDS Photography: Martial Schmeltz Producer: Jennifer Bauche Post-Producer/coordinator: Mélanie Bernard Post Production: \ELSE Sound Head Of Sound department: Olivier Lefebvre Production: \ELSE Music & Sound producer: Fabrice Pouvreau Sound Design / Compo: Max Labarthe DA musique: Philippe Mineur & Ferdinand Huet Print Art buyer Barbara Chevalier Photographe: David Marvier