Too soon? Nope. Just not funny. Look, a skilled comedian can joke about pretty much anything, even death, Seinfeld made a spitting joke out of the JFK assasination. This though? Not quite as funny.

But here's where it really disconnects for me; all they wanted you to take away from this was "wanna bet"? There's thousands of really silly 10-second blipverts you could tie to that proposition, I'm sure at least one scenario would get a chuckle out of the French target market. Like; "I'm sure I saw that guy on Americas most wanted, wanna bet? Lets ask him..." or "I know this shortcut across the bull-field, wanna bet who gets there first?" or anything at all said in French. Because, I don't know about you, but it really annoys me to watch a national ad in a country where the language is not English, yet the ad is. Who, exactly, is that talking to?

In this case, it's probably talking to Americans, so that they would get upset and share it with each other, because how else would anyone notice this ad? Do you remember what's being sold? Wanna bet that youtube views doesn't equal brand recognition?

Ad agency: Publicis conseil, Paris