PODS - Kids - (2014) :30 (USA)

The "PODS - Moving & Storage, Solved" funny campaign continues as a desperate mum calls them for help, explaining "we sold our house" and having the customer service representative assure her that PODS can answer her every need. Except the fact that she has to stay at her brothers, and he has five kids. Just like in PODS - Don't like our customer service rep is momentarily speechless....

While the scenarios and characters are cute and well cast, aren't we a little over this sort of idea of calling "Discovery card reps" or any other reps? It's so often used in advertising, like a standard skit-trope, and it seems to me it's a reaction to those times anyone in SmallTown USA™ actually does call a customer service rep and is connected to BigTown Mumbai halfway across the world. We get it. You have people answering the phones in cute headsets. While dialogue-driven ads are great - these can practically go on the radio without any changes - one day I hope there's a better way to show what your service can do on the medium of TV.

Advertising Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas, USA Art Director: Jeff Hopfer Copywriter: David Eastman Producers: Bridget Fontenot, Dan Calhoun Director: Jeff France Executive Producers: Mark Androw, Cliff Grant Producer: Merilee Newman Production manager: David Watson Production coordinator: Erik Martin Edit: Charlie Uniform Tango, Dallas Editor: Justin Wilson Producer: Jeff Elmore Assistant editor: Rodney Demeglio Post: ReelFX, Dallas Producer: Kurt Kirchner
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