Popchips Ashton Kutcher Dating video / Darl - (2012)


Popchips Ashton Kutcher Dating video / Darl - (2012)

Darl burned most of his dating videotape by "accident", but here's what we saved. He'll also make custom videos for your bebe. play matchmaker with your friends at http://worldwidelovers.com. ciao ciao!

Zambezi and popchips collaborated with Ashton to create World Wide Lovers, a dating-themed campaign stemming from the public's fascination with his personal life.

agency: Zambezi
Founder, Executive Creative Director: Brian Ford
Creative Director: Kevin Buth
Copywriter: Aaron Small
Art Director: Madeleine Grandbois, Justin Wright
Founder, Managing Director: Chris Raih
Group Account Director: Lindsay Weber
Account Supervisor: Alissa Adler
Executive Producer: Alex Cohn
Senior Integrated Producer: Eli Shilock
Associate Producer: Summer Allgyer


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