Comedy Central's made an ad for Popeyes Chicken, in the style of a movie trailer. It features two "star-crossed lovers" who fall in love but face the drama of the girl's pop, who doesn't think the boy is "fair," enough. As in county fair. But it's also a play off the "fair deal," from Popeyes. You can see the jokes coming a mile away, but I appreciate the attempt at southern gentility.

Client: Popeyes Chicken Agency/Production Comedy Central VP/Creative Director: Beth Trentacoste Writer: Benjamin Casper Gravy credits: Director: Cameron Harris Director of Photography: Kai Saul Editor: Anthony Dash SuperExploder credits: Sound Designer/Mixer: Jody Nazzaro Senior Producer: Meredith Nazzaro

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    Everybody who once produced entertainment/"content" now produces commercials! Comedy Central, Funny or Die, CNN, Buzzfeed, you name it! And advertising agencies just sat idly by and watched.

    Jun 21, 2016