Fred & Farid in Shanghai bring us another idea for Porche, this time it's online social campaign centered on numbers. Porsche wanted to promote the numbers of Porsche, such as how fast it goes from 0-100 and so on. But numbers are boring, so Fred & Farid made a code with numbers, and Weiboed (Chinese twitter) out cryptic messages using their numbers code language. There was a numbers-code generator online that became "very popular in a country where some topics can be sensitive online". Tssk. It's not any more advanced than your average ROT13 encryption, so there better not be any big secrets hiding behind that numbers code. Though, the campaigns popularity is probably due to that fact.

When Porsche asked us to promote in China the new Porsche 911 Turbo S as "Benchmarking Numbers", we had to find a way to make Porsche numbers easy to understand and entertaining. We decided to make the whole China speak "Numbers", a brand new language specially created for the occasion, and only made of numbers. We decided to make China fluent in "Numbers", with a mobile-first Weibo activation.

We released on the Porsche Weibo account a series of 12 tweets only composed of strange numbers with no explanation. The third day, we revealed a link to a Weibo tab entitled "The Benchmark Decoder", where Chinese people could decrypt our first 12 posts into real meaningful sentences& discovering 12 technical specifications of the new 911 Turbo S, and everyone understands why this car really is "Benchmarking numbers".

Globally our posts have been seen by more than 2.4 million people, with 9,773 retweets and 1,416 comments. Increasing our Weibo page followers by +11% and reaching an overall media impressions of 85,726,397 (source: CIC IWOM).

Agency: Fred & Farid Shanghai Title of Ad: Numbers Advertiser: Porsche (China) Motors Ltd. Executive Creative Director: Fred & Farid Creative Director: Feng Huang Art Director: Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec Copywriter: Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec Agency Producer: Sacha Guyon Account Manager: Lloyd Wang Production Company: Killdeath Developer: Zhang Hao, White Wang Brand Supervisors: Deesch Papke, Carsten Balmes, Estella Yang Video Footages: Kemper Kommunikation

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