This stark black and white commercial that spies on a wedding of husband, husband, husband and husband, is based on a solid idea. Young men who want a Porsche but can't justify the expense may share one, thereby cutting the costs. For this Porsche have launched a share app. Of course, to milk some press out of this they'll call it "Porsche organises polygamous marriage for the launch of Share a Porsche", because that sounds a lot more dramatic than simply sharing a car, like we'd share a boat or a horse or a ski lodge or some other more expensive leisure time activity. There are only 52 weekends a year you know.

But wait, there's more: Porsche puts friendship to an uncommon test: is a group of four friends prepared to officially get married in return for a Porsche 911?
They're actually sending people to a wedding ceremony in India. The wedding ceremony will take place in Kinnaur, India; one of the few places in the world where group marriage is practiced. Friends can propose to each other at until the 31st May. The selected group of friends will travel to Kinnaur and marry together in a local ceremony. Once married, each of the newlyweds will get a key to their dream car. There will be no need for a prenuptial agreement, since the Porsche will be their one and only shared possession.

You'll even get a wedding gift from Porsche. A Porsche 911.

ad agency: Achtung