Meet the new blue bloods. Giving it their all, especially in Rio during the Olympics. Not settling for anything less than victory just like the knights from days of yore. Visually it's quite the metaphor. And a nice way to put athletes on the same pedestal thanks to the blue liquid. Shame they decided to spoil a good moment with an awkward product explanation. You had me until electrolytes. I guess I should spare some wrath since they didn't use the word "hydration." BY the way, sports drinks, no one says hydrate except brand team members and maybe sports coaches. The rest of us are still using the word "drink."

Client: The Coca-Cola Company. Agency: DAVID DAVID ECDs: Joaquin Cubria, Ignacio Ferioli. Art Director: Guillermo Aliaga Pueyrredón Copywriter: Tomás O’Gorman Head of Global Production: Veronica Beach Executive Producer: Brenda Morrison Fell Account Executive Director: Karina Ribeiro. Account Directors: Justina Lioy Lupis, Stefane Rosa Head of Planning: Luiz Arruda. Production Assistant: Catia Nucci Business Manager: AnnMarie Turbitt Client: Rodolfo Echerverría, Marta Fontcuberta, Marcelo Pascoa, Conrado Ferreira Tourinho, Sarah Traverso, Rebecca Smith. Production Company: RESET Director / DP: WALLY PFISTER Executive Producer: JEFF MCDOUGALL Line Producer: JAMES GRAVES NZ Production: EXIT FILMS POST PRODUCTION Editorial Company: LOST PLANET Editors: Hank Corwin, PJ Fabbrini Online: MPC Audio House: Heard City Music: Composer: Kid Karate / Music Supervisor: Music Dealers