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Sound design was integral to the flow of Lumberman, in which repetitious noise defines a lost girl’s growing angst until a stud tramps out of the woods, lighting her camp fire with a flick of a match across his stomach.


Client: Powerful Yogurt
Spot titles: “Powerful Lumberman”
Title Campaign: Find your Inner Abs
Air Date: April 2013

Agency: The Vidal Partnership
Country: United States
Chief Creative Officer: Gustavo Lauria
Copywriter: Santiago Luna Lupo, Gustavo Lauria
Art Director: Percy Bustos
Agency Head of Production: Meiling Macías-Toro

Production Company: Fulano Films / Flamboyant Paradise
Director: Rene Sampaio / Javier Lourenço

Editing Company: Wild(child) Editorial, USA
Editor: Diego Panich

Post Production: Flamboyant Paradise

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