Powermat - Dorm - (2009) :30 (USA)


Powermat - Dorm - (2009) :30 (USA)

“We wanted to be engaging and interruptive without obscuring Powermat's functionality,” said Harry Woods, partner and co-creative director at WWD&S. “In other words, be product focused but in a surprising way,” added longtime partner Gill Witt. “We set out to capture the ‘what the &*#@?’ response people have when experiencing Powermat for the first time,” said Woods.

Or in these kids case, the realization they can score chicks with it, because lets face it, it's a really really cool gadget.

OOH and campaign background available here

Ad agency: Woods Witt Dealy & Sons (WWD&S)
Creative Directors: Harry Woods/Gill Witt
Writer: Harry Woods
Art Directors: Gill Witt, Dan Gearity, Chris Pace, Hez Kim, Jang Cho, Eric Altbush, Steve McCarron
Broadcast Producer: Rob Farber
Print Producer: Jeff Greenberg
Digital Producer: Michael Daly
Int’l Sr Project Mgr: Stephanie Fagan
Project Mgr: April Kandel
Project Mgr: Angel Zhang
Director Acct Ser: Phyllis Dealy


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