At first I was all "oh great, women are all running for something-- what is it a sale, har har har. You know, because we've seen that trope a few hundred times in advertising. But then they kept running to a darkened warehouse. And they got out their flashlights and then they spotted a guy and chased him up on the roof. And then the voiceover says "a bad city needs good detectives." And then I'm like "huh?"
Then I read that over eighty percent of the fifty million Criminal Case players in the US are women between the ages of thirty and fifty-five. Fair enough. But objectively speaking as someone who was not privy to the research until a few minutes ago, watching this ad was a bit confusing.

Agency: Untitled Worldwide LLC
Client: Pretty Simple
Managing Partner: Susie Macarthur
Creative Directors: Dexter Ginn and David Chalu
Director of Integrated Production: Cheri Anderson
Agency Producer: Karen Egan
Director: Thierry Poiraud
Production Company: Independent Films + Lab House (Buenos Aires)
Editorial House: Cut and Run
Editor: Julian Tranquille
Casting Director: Ali Fearnley
Post Production House: Electric Theatre Collective
Music (specify original, or licensed): Original
Music House: Major Tom
Composer: Redman/Creevy

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