Priceline Negotiator's Last Deal - William Shatner's last ad (2013)

There was a reason Penny, Kaley Cuoco was revealed last week... Priceline wanted to kill William Shatner... as their spokesperson.

This being William Shatner who did Joan Collins in 1952 and who won the entire internet when Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield tweeted him "Captain", it's obvious he can not go out with a wimper. He will not. He heroically saves a busload of nuns and tourists. Then he goes down in a 1970s style ball of fire. The most action an ad spokesperson has ever had as an exit scene. Top that. You can't top William Shatner.

It's what he would have wanted.

Client: Priceline Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, Sausalito, Calif. Creative Director: Steve Mapp Associate creative director.: Josh Leutz Art Director: Steve Mapp Writers: Josh Leutz, Michael Flannery Agency producer: Susan Crimley Production house: MJZ Director: Craig Gillespie Producer: Martha Davis Editorial: Cleaver Editorial Editor: Pete Koob Assistant Editor: Ivy Calhoun Post EFX: The Mill Editor: Ben Hampshire Producers: Adam Reeb, Sue Troyan
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