Pro Infirmis - Get closer - (2011) :90 (Switzerland)


Pro Infirmis - Get closer - (2011) :90 (Switzerland)

A person dressed a giant teddy-bear stands in the center of a town square, and while people shy away at first, it soon turns into a regular hugfest. Even the little white dog enjoys a great big bear hug. Free hugs for everyone!

This turns out to be an experiment. While nearly everyone professes empathy with disabled people, few dare sit next to the man in the bear suit on the bus. Well played.

Ad agency: Jung von Matt/Limmat
Music: The Band Of Horses - "Funeral"



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You know that this has been

You know that this has been stolen 1:1 from here: - JvM apologized to my dear friend Florian Meimberg who was the director but still...

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Oh dearie me. For H.I.V as

Oh dearie me. For H.I.V as well. WTF?

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