Logan & Sons debuts “Outside In,” a short film directed by Luke Gilford, adding a thoughtful, cinematic narrative to the production company’s already dynamic portfolio of work. The film stars famed model Kirsty Hume as a mysterious operative on a secret mission in the hills of Southern California to assume the identity of a target with impeccable taste, an architectural masterpiece of a home, and a closet full of fashion label Proenza Schouler. “I wanted to create a narrative and character that push the fashion forward in a meaningful way,” says director Luke Gilford. “I focused on using specific color palettes, props, structural and sculptural elements which create a very aesthetic world, but all anchored within an actual story.”

The :90 short film suggests an immense storyline, buried in lush surroundings and effortless elegance. “Everyone utilizes fashion to construct a personal identity. So I started thinking about identity theft, and how fashion could become a really memorable character in that narrative.” notes Gilford. The effect is that the viewer is drawn into a world that feels cinematic as well as sophisticated. “I made an original score with Morgan Kibby from M83, I wrote the dialogue, and I photographed it, so it felt very personal. There was very little creative oversight, everyone was incredibly trusting and supportive in the process.”

Logan & Sons has been recognized as a premier production house for high-profile projects, contributing work to brands like Sony, Nike, and Apple among others. Gilford’s previous projects include writing and directing a film for Prada with Jane Fonda and a spot for Dom Perignon starring David Lynch. This latest cinematic effort suggests a growth toward feature-length content, with more complex storylines and increasingly enhanced production value.

Production: Logan & Sons Director, Writer: Luke Gilford Wardrobe: Proenza Schouler Starring: Kristy Hume Original Score: Morgan Kibby

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