My dog lovin' friends are going to squee at this one.

Dogs hate fireworks. The sound scares them into running away, enduring unnecessary stress, and in some cases dying. It's a horrible situation, especially in Argentina over the holidays when fireworks are so prevalent. Thankfully, DDB Argentina and Provet came up with a solution. A nifty looking sound-proofed kennel called Dogbunker. In addition to silencio, the dogs got to kick back in some pretty nice looking digs. What a fun idea this was.

Advertised brand: Provet Advertising Agency: DDB Argentina Agency website: ECD: Lisandro Grandal / Fernando Tchechenistky Art Director: Agustín Ballerio / Fernando Errecaborde Copywriter: Alejandro Juli / Pedro Botello Agency Producer: Claudio Migliardo Assistant Agency Producer: Florencia Albizzati Production Company: Sabado Director: Tato Pereda Published: January, 2014

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