Equalpayday.be and Mortierbrigade want to draw attention to the gender pay gap, and decided the best way to do this is to have Sasha Grey discuss the jobs she has done since she left high school. Now, Sasha says, quite detached, that she made more money than the Doctors when she was working as a nurse, and soon you realize, even if you don't know who Sasha is, that there's porn & sex going on in the background around her. Sasha is a former porn star, and she even takes a moment to be "proud" of the fact that she had a 12 inch dildo in her butt. The twist is of course that it's only in pornography that a woman makes "more" than a man. Lets disregard how short porn careers are in comparison to say, a career as a teacher or bus driver, and lets disregard the risks involved and the social stigma attached, and how seldom it becomes a viable career a la James Deen's or Traci Lords'. This is a cynical idea that uses Sasha just like her former career did. Equal Pay Day is also urging activist women to get temporary tramp stamps that reads: "Close the wage gap, become a porn actress." Really? It seems to me that this is simultaneously hoping to attract a rubbernecking crowd, and tramp-stamp wearing activists, while leaving us all confused whether we should be proud of porn or not.

Director: Lionel Goldstein Client: Equal Pay Day Agency: Mortierbrigade, Brussels DOP: Lieven Van Baelen Creatives: Stijn Jansen, Bram Ceuppens / Lionel Goldstein Production Company: CZAR.BE Executive Producer: Eurydice Gysel Producer: Eurydice Gysel (Be) / Paul Ure (US), Agency Producer: Charlotte Coddens Creative Director: Jens Mortier Editor: Manu Van Hove Post Production Company: NOZON, Brussels Year: 2012 Language: English Extra info: Music by Tim Vanhamel Version: 72s uk