“Most people are aware that distracted driving is dangerous,” notes Angus Tucker, ECD at john st., the agency behind the campaign. “But the temptation to check our phones is so strong, especially when we hear a notification come through, it can outweigh the danger.”

A breathless voiceover excitedly explains the tech-driven solutions designed to stop distracted driving, like apps and driverless cars, but then presents a simple solution, so very very simple it's a life hack of brilliance. “The internet is rife with hacks designed to be “lifesavers.” But few of them actually save your life.” says Tucker, “But we think this one could. I mean, who can’t flip their phone case over?”

I got a simpler one for you, just turn your phone upside down and ignore it.

Agency: john st. • Executive Creative Directors: ◦ Angus Tucker ◦ Stephen Jurisic • Creative Team: ◦ Copywriter: Sanya Grujicic ◦ Art Director: Andrew Bernardi • Account Team: ◦ Account Team Lead: Cheryl McKenzie ◦ Account Supervisor: Zalona Caruso • Producer: Sharon Langlotz • Strategy: Colin Carroll Production Credits: • Production House: 172 Productions ◦ Director/Editor: Matthew Johnson ◦ Executive Producer: Cynthia Heyd ◦ Line Producer: Megan Munro Audio: Boombox Sound • Music Producer + Voice Director: Stephanie Pigott • Executive Producer: Umber Hamid Media buying: PHD Media