With Brazil gearing up to host the world cup, all sports brand shave been frantically making epic commercials to own their sponsored slots of the game. Puma on the other hand, decided to scare the opponents, both brands and Brazilians, by sending the blue ghost of 1950 to Rio de Janeiro. You see, in 1950 Brazil could have won the world cup, on their home turf, but Uruguay beat them 2-1 sending the entire football loving country into tears. Puma is sponsor of the Uruguayan team of 2014.

Even Pele recalls "My father cried, please don't make me cry this world cup". Puma now owns the underdog position, and with their ghost they also own the pre-game scare tactic. Bo-yah!

Title: The Ghost Of 1950 Is Already In Brazil Client: Puma Agency: Notable Film Production: Metropolis Films Audio Production: La Mayor Creative Director: Pipe Stein Creative Director: Diego Lev Art Director: Pablo Rodrigo Account Manager: Mario Macri Digital Director: Raquel Oberlander Production Manager: Andrés Andrada Digital Planner: María Berdún Copywriter: Magdalena Miller Copywriter: Joaquín Fagetti Producer: Julián Burel Executive Producer: Andrés Rosenblatt (Metropolis Films) Film Director: Fabio Berrutti (Metropolis Films) Director of Photography: Diego Rosenblatt (Metropolis Films) Producer: Agustín Marichal (Metropolis Films) Audio Director: Gonzalo Moreira (La Mayor) Audio Director: Federico Moreira (La Mayor) Consultant: ALL AWARDS

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