PZU is one of the largest financial services companies in Europe. They're also a big seller of insurance. To teach families the value of insurance, PZU started with their children. The My Favourite Toy" initiative starts with an insurance agent giving a child an insurance voucher for their favorite toy. That child is then responsible for their toy's care. Should something happen to the toy, they send it to PZU to fix it. And if it's beyond repair, they will send the child a voucher for the cost of the toy so they can replace it, thereby teaching the child about insurance! Fun idea.
I can just imagine the look on the child's face when the insurance rep asks him things like "Did you keep the receipt? No? Well we don't really know what the cost is so we'll just give you three dollars." Or "Well, you've had your toy now for a few months and with depreciation, it's now worth half of the initial cost." They might as well start hating insurance companies at a young age.

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