There are people out there who ask themselves questions like: "How many praying mantises does it take to power a smartphone?" and funnier still, there are people who set out to find the answer. It only takes an (edited) 90 seconds for a praying mantis on a unicycle, a tarantula on a treadmill, a beetle launched from a cannon, and various other bugs scuttering about a flea circus to charge this Snapdragon smartphone, which is pretty impressive. Several other kinds of bugs in the phone conspire to make sure you never see that mythical 7 hour talktime though, so it evens out.

Client: Qualcomm Product: Snapdragon Agency: Denizen Company Creative Director: Denizen Copywriter: Denizen Agency Producer: Billy Baughman Director of Photography: Lila Javan Production Designer: Gabriel Abraham Model Maker: Lawrence Pollman Editorial: Foundation Effects: Factory VFX