- Hey big nose. I think we're in a Quilmes spot.
- Say, what?!

Yes, they're stuck in a beer commercial, our hero realizes where they are by pointing out the obvious always full glasses and beer labels facing the same way, and predicts things to come, such as the babes at the bar checking them out in slow-motion. It's a good land to be in, this adland of ours. Thanks Young & Rubicam Argentina for mocking everyone - from punters to ad creators - in one knowing advert.

Client: QUILMES Agency: Young & Rubicam, Argentina Production Company: Rebolucion, Argentina Director(s): Luciano Podcaminsky Creatives: DoP: Marcelo Camorino Creative Director: VIDI SIBILLA Y RODRIGO RUIZ Art Director: VIDI SIBILLA Y DAMIAN GAROFALO Copywriter: RODRIGO RUIZ Y SILVIO CAIELLI Agency Producer: Luis Pompeo Executive Producer: PATRICIO ALVAREZ Country: Argentina