The nasty looking beast on the guys back (at the end) is a Mandrill and we shot him against green screen while he hugged a green screen bust that closely resembled the size of the guy. We later lined up the shot to make it look as if he was on his back. The mandril's trainer was the actual guy who gave us a few "safety" tips when around this thing, namely , "Never look him in the eyes" and "unlike a chimp, he gives no warning".

PRODUCTION COMPANY Hoytyboy Pictures Director – Steve ‘Spaz’ Williams AGENCY Clarity Coverdale Fury Executive Creative Director/Art Director – Jac Coverdale Creative Director/Copywriter – Michael Atkinkson POST PRODUCTION Umlaut Editor – Inome Callahan CGI/VFX Beau Studio CG Supervisor – Anthony Bussiere
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