Fresh out of Film School, Hanna Maria Heidrich, has just shot her first spot through Gorgeous, this one for Radiotjänst in Sweden. Radiotjänst is Swedens national public broadcaster / public service and much like the commercial free BBC, we pay a fee to watch TV and listen to radio. Or some do, and most people try to dodge that bullet, even if every store that sells any TV or radio device has a duty to report your personal identification number to Radiotjänst like a stasi-snitch if you buy anything. So to turn the guilt around and to step away from former shaming and semi-threatening blipverts on TV where Radiotjänst would simply read out the name of the cities where controllers were scanning for radio-devices and might come knocking on your door*, Radiotjänst are now saying "Thank you" to those who pay their fair share. In this one they do it in big and subtle ways.

* seriously, that was what they did up until the mid-90s. "Radiotjänst are controlling the following cities this week" and people would run to the post office and pay their fee, afraid of getting caught and fined.

Hanna Maria Heidrich is represented by Gorgeous.

Director: Hanna Maria Heidrich Production: Gorgeous. Client: Radiotjänst

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