Set in a stunning house outside of London, owned by an 80 year old man with exceptional taste, director Nadia Marquard Otzen animates Rae Morris with single spot lighting. It's eerie, haunting and beautiful as Rae doesn't move, but her hair and dress does. It feels as if we're looking at still photos from a bygone era, with the distance that old images put between us and the subject. It all comes together beautifully in the end as Rae who has held still the entire video dances via the editing, which animates her held poses into her rolling around. Very styling. Very nicely done.

Directed by Nadia Marquard Otzen Producer: Liz Kessler Dop: Matyas Erdely Steadicam Operator: Peter Cavaciuti Art Director: Ciaran Beale Make up: Lydia Warhurst Styling: Pandora Lennard 2nd Unit Animation: Chloë Hayward Editor: David Stevens, The Assembly Rooms Post: Judy Roberts, Finish TK: Paul Harrison, Finish Production Company: A+/Academy Films Label: Atlantic Records

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