RATP, Paris Transportation - Virtual - (2008) :60 (France)


RATP, Paris Transportation - Virtual - (2008) :60 (France)

Agency : Euro RSCG C&O, Paris

Olivier Moulierac et Jèrôme Galinha, Executive Creative Director
Gilles Fanuchi, Copywriter / Art Director
Director: Dante Ariola
TV prod : annabelle fournier
Music : Vangelis
Special effect : Buff inc



That's lovely. But I can't help but wonder whether Jam Albanet would have made an even better job of it. I've just had 60,000 visitors check out his Naked Ladies Riding the Paris Metro via BoingBoing.

Well, you did have the words "naked" "ladies" and "Paris" in there. ;))

Yeah. Think I'll milk it for all its worth. Coming up: "More Naked Ladies Riding the Paris Metro"..."Return of the Naked Ladies Riding the Paris Metro"..."Naked Ladies Ride the Paris Metro Again"..."Naked Ladies Caught Riding the Paris Metro". Only trouble is it's melting the bandwidth - I've used a third of my monthly allowance in just one day. And only 6 people out of the 60k clicked on an Ad. Oh yeah - that's the other thing - Adsense have spat the dummy and won't show ads in my content anymore - only on the Navigation Column which is currently flogging "150 One Way Links - $199" - even though Google asks us to report people selling links. Work that one out.

That's the trouble with ad support and monthly bandwidth caps.

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