Trusted advice for life. Life well planned. See what a Raymond James financial advisor can do for you. This spot celebrates Kevin from birth on the way up to retirement and then taking care of his own mother, too.

Agency: Martin Agency Chief Creative Officers: Tom Moundry GCD/ Copywriters: Steve Casey CD/ Art Directors: Toby Balai VP, Director of Production: Stan Prinsen Production Company: Reset Director: Tomas Jonsgarden Managing Director: Dave Morrison Executive Producer: Jeff McDougall Head of Production: JP Colombo Producer: Magnus Akerstedt Editorial Company: Arcade Editor: Jeff Ferruzzo Assistant Editor: Sam Barden Producer: Fanny Cruz Executive Producer: Sila Soyer Finishing/Graphics: Arcade Flame Artist: Tristian Wake Colorist: MPC London Colorist: Jean-Clement Soret Mixer: Heard City Mixer: Mike Vitacco

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  • Mye's picture
    Mye (not verified)

    Who ever ok'd this commercial should be FIRED! Every hospital employee is screaming when the advisor asks about his mother, " How's your Mother?" it's obvious if is she is not dead now she will be soon. Worst commercial I have ever seen. Do your company a favor and can it immediately

    Sep 12, 2017
  • Dabitch's picture

    Wow, I thought it was just me who reacted badly to the "How's your mother?" comment. That's exsctly what I was thinking.

    Sep 12, 2017

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