Reclame Aqui is the leading customer complaint site in Brazil. To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Grey came up with a clever idea called "Payback dinner." They invited business executives from some of the companies with the most number of complaints (accordingt o Reclame Aqui users) to a dinner. There, they got a taste of their own medicine. Hehehe.

Client: Reclame Aqui Agency: Grey Brazil CCO: Rodrigo Jatene ECD: Adriano Matos Creative Team: Marcelo Bruzzesi, Eduardo Nosé, Murilo Domingues, Guilherme Nesti CEO: Sergio Prandini COO: Marcia Esteves Account: Maria Pirajá Planning: Raquel Messias Media: Felipe Santos RTVC Team: Nicole Godoy, Mariana Mendes, Natacha Veiga, Ian Inglez Producer: Robinson Silva Production House: Edit 2 Directors: Francisco Porto Executive Producer: Daniela Andrade Production Director: Rafael Rodrigues Edditing: Felipe Bartorilla, Leonardo Aiello, Francisco Porto Account: Marilia Rafaelli Post Production: Edit 2 SFX: Satélite Audio Sound: Satélite Team Account: Fernanda Costa, Tatiane Dias Ferreira

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