The epic jump where Felix Baumgartner skydived from the Stratosphere, breaking the soundbarrier, while we all watched it live (with Chrysler pre-roll ads on the youtube channel) will have to win something in Cannes. Something.. Big. And with a lion on it. Just to be clear.

And suddenly that sneaky title "rocket scientist" I managed to sneak in some award listing when I was just a not-so-humble junior AD seems a little less funny. We're actually breaking sound barriers here folks! A bloody energy drink is doing what NASA can't afford to do.... Like.. woah, dude.

It's the No. 4 branded campaign of all time, of all time - and even Kanye let us finish because there was talk about doing this already back in 2010. Meticulous planning had to go in to it and Joe Kittinger who jumped from 102,800 feet back in 1960 advised. Back in 2008 Michel Fournier attempted The Great Leap, but an electrical charge ripped the balloon off the gondola preventing the record-breaking jump. Oh, sorry, did I just sort of Badland the idea? Force of habit.

Red Bull / Felix Baumgartner

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  • Kissmekatey's picture

    This will go down in history as one of the biggest advertising stunts that ever was. KFC and their space-chicken can suck it.

    Apr 22, 2017

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