Sao Paulo still has 25,000 pay phones. Red Bull wanted to give them an upgrade so those without mobile phones could get some real time data news they could use. In this case, Smart pay phones could be used to track the bus data in real time. By calling a toll free number, they can pinpoint where you are and tell you when the next buses will arrive. Of course to learn about it, they had to advertise the service, which they did at bus shelters close to pay phones, as well as inside buses, too. I know Red Bull Basement is designed as a new tech think tank but it seems to me a far simpler solution would have been to just update the bus shelters themselves with bus schedules. It's amazing they don't already exist. And it would be a heck of a lot easier to scan a bus shelter than stand in line at a pay phone. I guess the case study wouldn't have been as sexy, right?

Agency: LDC, Brazil Client: Red Bull Creative Team: João Mendes, Thiago Bocatto Creative Directors: Cássio Moron, Fábio Saboya, Raphael Franzini President: Guga Ketzer Executive Producers: Ana Luisa André, Sid Fernandes Video: Ian Bortz, Rodolfo Belon Web Production Company: PIPE