Red Cross has a problem with blood donors being irregular. Take recent events in Boston as an example, lots of people donated blood to help, which menas banks there are full up (yeay!) but blood is like milk, it doesn't keep forever so if you're of the donating sort you should try to schedule your donations a few times a year to help keep levels up.

In Brazil they noticed this problem of the bank being full in January but empty in July. Their ideas was to make a club. "A club where it costs nothing to be a member. Only generosity." On Youtube the red video timeline is fed with the blod from a bloodbag, that reminds people the bank needs to be topped up. Share a video on facebook and you'll get that blood-bag with it. Install and app on your blog, and you'll show people that blood bag with your video. It's easy enough to show people the blood-bank reminder, but will it make people actually go and donate too? My bloodbank used to offer a beach towel in July to get me to come in.
Using "all the videos available on the internet" isn't really true since they mean "available on youtube", which last I checked, wasn't the entire internet yet. Then they use "you" as media, and this of course requires you to do this, and some people of the WIIFM (what's in it for me?) generation might not want to muck up their pretty blog design with this. Those who love slacktivism though, will jump on it, I'm sure, since it has been made as easy to do as changing your twitter avatar. Advertised brand: Red Cross Advert title(s): #donateexample Headline and copy text (in English): #donateexample Advertising Agency: Arcos, Recife, Brazil Agency website: Creative Director: Carlos Renato Rocha Art Director: Thiago Reis Copywriter: João Saraiva Media Manager: Paula Fernanda, Carol Campello Illustrator: Eugênio Lima 3D illustrator: Saulo Lísias Web developer: David Vieira Producer: Juliana Sarda Audio: Onomatopéia Video: Três Caras Published: March, 2013

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