In Manchester Red Stripe Make Art On The Street with Filthy Luker. He created a space invader game with bits and bobs from street workers materials and lights. At night one can start the game by pressing a button located in a lit up street sign. It actually works as a real space invaders game.

The mundanity of modern life is something we have all experienced. The commute to work. Roadworks. Traffic.
So when a man proved himself capable of transforming the mundane into a work of art, Red Stripe knew he was perfect for the 'Make With A Red Stripe' campaign.
Enter Filthy Luker who, in collaboration with Red Stripe, transformed Manchester Town Hall into an interactive 80's arcade game classic -- surprising and engaging the public with its ingenuity.
Part of Red Stripe's Make Art On The Street initiative, Filthy Luker's creation aims to encourage the public to Make With A Red Stripe.
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Client: Red Stripe

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