How far are you willing to go to promote a brand show your passion? Are you willing to tattoo a Reebok logo on yourself? If you are that, uh, passionate, get ready, because on Saturday August 30, Reebok and Tattoo parlor Salong Betong are opening up a pop up studio at Tough Viking. From 10AM to 6PM you can get the "symbol of fitness" tattooed on your person. Go to Reebok Forever for more details.
And if you do sign up, you could land a year long Reebok sponsorship.
Wait a second. Hold on. Could? You could win? Let me check the notes...

The top prize is a yearlong fitness packed sponsorship with Reebok worth 40,000 SEK. And no one will go home empty-handed; everyone who gets the tattoo at the Reebok and Salong Betong booth at Tough Viking receives a complete fitness kit from Reebok to a value of 5,000 SEK.

So...what this means is, the majority of untold people will have tattooed themselves permanently for a fitness kit worth 5,000 SEK or around $730 bucks.
Whereas one lucky winner will get 40,000 SEK or USD $5,812.
Reebok pays out 45,000 SEK and in return gets free media placement on you, forever.
Let me know how that works out.

Client: Reebok Charlotte Wik, PR & Digital Manager Reebok Area Nordics Jonas Åhlén, Creative Director — The Viral Company

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