Reebok Vector - Outperform (2003) - 0:60 (USA)


Reebok Vector - Outperform (2003) - 0:60 (USA)

Two words: Friggin' lovely.

Agency: Arnell Group
Produced by: Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) USA
Featured: Allen Iverson, Ryan Giggs, Carolina Kluft, Andy Roddick, Ray Lewis, Alexei Nemov

Superadgrunts, continue to view.

Music: "Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi: O Fortuna" Carl Orff, yet again (most overused classic song in advertising history).



Sexyyyy.. Though if I hear this part of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana in an advert again, I'll scream. ;)

...and whats with the gazelles? some little ol' lady from Hastings might get upset about that being the only 'natural' obstacle in the ad (though playing Football in the rain is pretty normal too).

Do you really need special VECTOR shoes when you're on the rings? (I guess you might need spikes for the landing...)

of course you do! didn't you see the fire under the gymnist?! not sure what spikes and fire have to do with each other, but i just know i must have these shoes!

It's a nice spot, but the beginning also threw me off a bit. What does spikes have to do with tennis or basketball? The original spiked shoes kind of look like Campers, don't cha think?

The spikes threw me off too. This ad sucks on so many levels. The gazelles and runner part is just tacky when everyone else is sporting against huge obstacles in metallic like rooms. It views more like a sample of a D.O.P skills or stock-film reel than one commercial.

Those aren't just any old Gazelles --- those are African Rheboks -- the animal after which the company is named. But unless you're into shoe trivia, you wouldn't know it.

Also, the company made the running spikes used in the 1924 Olympics, the subject of the movie Chariots of Fire.

Again, shoe trivia -- and stuff I found out doing a company analysis for my Masters in Marketing degree. I agree, a little too obtuse to be in a commercial -- cool as it is!

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