FCB Zurich partnered with the organisation Refugees Welcome to create “Search racism. Find truth.” youtube pre-roll campaign.

Like the "Friends" pre-roll campaign, it relies on what people are searching for to load up a video response. As of 9am on April 19th, anyone in Germany searching for videos on YouTube, by using search terms like "Pegida Dresden", or "immigrants don't integrate" etc, they will get pre-roll clips of refugees who rebut the videos that have been requested. The people who appear in the rebuttal videos use facts, personal anecdotes, and even humor to disarm prejudices. The ads are un-skippable, and use a combination of channel and keyword targeting to appear before very specifically selected videos. The pre-rolls are supported by Google Adwords search targeted keywords as well, that lead viewers to the microsite search-racism-find-truth.com, where you can find more videos about the people participating in the campaign.

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Campaign Name – “Search racism. Find truth.” Client – Flüchtlinge Willkommen Agency – FCB Zurich Chief Creative Officer – Dennis Lück Creative Director – Andy Lusti Creative Director Digital – Hanja Baruschke Content Developer – Emanuel Büchler Account Director – Mirjam Milenkovic Account Director – Mark Becher Art Direction – Olivia Schläpfer Art Direction – Fabian Sigg

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