Renault - Dresses - (2009) :30 (Spain)


Renault - Dresses - (2009) :30 (Spain)

Another Renault ad from Publicis Madrid pointing out some of the well known differences between some men and women. The lady of the house is not taking fashion tips from Mr Old T-Shirt and tartan jammies who clips his nails all over the carpet. Good thing they can agree on the car.

Client : Renault
Agency : Publicis Madrid
Production Company : GOT FILMS
Director : Lemon
Daniele Cicini, Beatriz Moreno y Rosario García : Account manager
Albert Roigé : DoP
Marcelo Vergara / Fabio Mazia : Executive Creative Director
José Ignacio Pereira : Art Director
José Pereira Torres : Copywriter
Gustavo Samaniego y Triana Jiménez : Agency Producer
David de la Flor : Executive Producer
Approval for client: Juan Francisco Gómez y Adela Pérez



I don't like either of them. I'm glad they're married where they can do the least amount of damage to other people.

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