Republic of Bacon - Proposal - (2010) :30 (Canada)


Republic of Bacon - Proposal - (2010) :30 (Canada)

The bacon, he loves it. So much she proposes with some. He loves it. The bacon.

Republic of Bacon Mantra:
Welcome to the nation where all our citizens are free to love bacon freely. To a land where people and bacon co-exist without rule. Without judgment. Or shame. A place where bacon is held on the highest of pedestals, and the second highest pedestal as well. Welcome to the Republic of Bacon. We hope you're not vegetarian.


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Spot Titles: Proposal
Client: Maple Leaf
Project: Republic of Bacon

Agency: john st., Toronto
Creative Directors: Stephen Jurisic, Angus Tucker
Art Director: Patrick Shing
Copywriter: Paul Constantakis
Broadcast Producer: Dale Giffen
Account Team: Melissa Tobenstein, Robyn Crookshank, Tara Giacinti

Director: Michael Downing
Production Company: Suneeva, Toronto
Executive Producer: Michi Lepik-Stahl
Line Producer: Kim Hubert
Director of Photography: Bryan Newman

Editorial: Ross Birchall, Bijou, Toronto
Post Production: Soho, Toronto
Music and Sound Design: Vapor, Toronto


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