Resident Creative Studio designer Sina Taherkhani bridged the gap between reality and fantasy - on walls


Resident Creative Studio designer Sina Taherkhani bridged the gap between reality and fantasy - on walls

"The project required the crafting of extremely high-resolution 5000x2000-pixel sequences to be fed into 28 enormous projectors," he adds. "Working with file sizes over 5K while maintaining broadcast quality images was a huge challenge considering the deadline was so tight: We had to take the project from concept to completion in just three weeks."
Resident utilized Autodesk Maya for 3D animation, lighting and rendering. Compositing was done in Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. When completed and loaded into the massive projectors, the mapping covered over 30,000 continuous square feet of the bridge – from the anchorage to the archway – creating one of the largest single projections on record.
Each year The DUMBO Arts Festival highlights Brooklyn’s commitment to and presence in the arts community by presenting the best in local, national and international art against the backdrops of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. It attracts 200,000 visitors to studios, galleries, stages and other venues over its three-day duration.
"Immersive Surfaces" explored ideas of crowd art and the meaning of surface as a media platform in a specific cityscape. It was presented in three phases. The first, which Taherkhani also collaborated on, utilized more traditional video art and presentation techniques, slowly progressing and growing in size until it covered the entire anchorage and archway. Contributions from artists adorned the bridge’s enormous surfaces in small units, creating a virtual art gallery. The various sites were connected by an Op Art-style background, which became animated in the second part of the installation.

Visual Effects Team:
VFX Creative Director/Designer: Sina Taherkhani – (Resident Creative Studio/NY)
VFX Artist: Adam VanDine (Resident Creative Studio/NY)
Visual Effects Supervisor: Farkas Fülöp
Mapping Specialist: Simon Anaya
VFX Producer: Ryan Uzilevsky
3D Environment Architect: John Ensor Parker
VFX Production Manager: James Laudicina.
VFX Artists: Isaiah Palmer, Luis Valdes, Paul Imperio, Cory John Stoffa, Filip Radonjic, Paul Daniel, JK Carrington
3D Scanning – Web Developer: Kevin Bleich
Lighting Designer / Set Carpenter: Chris Studley
Rigger / Set Carpenter: Buddy Raymond
Stunt Consultant: Anya Sapozhnikova
Costume Designer: Dana Fairbairn – Script Supervisor
Production Assistant: Darnell Celius


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