Why would you even go out when you can seductively prance around in your la Perla underwear trying on different shades of lipstick all night? Revlon just put the sexy in lipstick. Hot on the heels of 50 Shades of Grey making box office magic, Revlon and agency GPY&R Australia approached director Ben Briand for this sultry new commercial showcasing the Ultra HD Lipstick collection. It combines moody noir atmosphere with the brand's sexy “Love Is On” philosophy. She even blindfolds him at some point.

Director - Ben Briand DOP - Jeremy Rouse Producer - Ainslee Littlemore Production Design - Miles Pitt Production Company - Collider Films Agency - GPY&R Sydney, Australia ECDs - David Joubert and Bart Pawlak Sr. Creative: Kate Burt Head of Content: Elissa Maine Client - Revlon