Okay now I'm confused. I know this campaign has a lot to do with celebrating the summer solstice, but REYKA is an Icelandic Vodka. So they're building Stonehenge...why, exactly?

Chief Creative Officer: Steve Red Executive Creative Director: Steve O’Connell Creative Directors: Bryon Lomas, Amanda Abrams Maker: Steve Thompson Art Director: Ari Garber Copywriter: Jonathan Goldstein Social Strategy: Annie Heckenberger, Ryan Olah Developers: Ryan Epp, Joe Russell Account Executive(s): Jess O’Conor, Kristin Filipovits, Leah Fullem Production Company: Red Tettemer + Partners Editing House: Red Alert/RT+P Sound Design: RT+P Sound designer: Steve Thompson Audio Mix: RT+P Mixer: Vic Carreno
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