Robin Thicke's It's in the Morning is a sexy, lazy ode to the joy of a couple spending a romantic morning secluded from the world. The video alternates between scenes of Thicke seducing a dark-haired beauty in their capacious bed and Snoop laid out in a hopped-up convertible alongside his companion. Green creates an atmosphere of joy, of companionship, of sex - without resorting to the crude or cliché.

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Artist: Robin Thicke featuring Snoop Dogg
Song Title: It's in the Morning

Label: Interscope Records

Prod Co: MERGE @ Crossroads Films
Director: Gil Green
DP: Chris Probst
EP: Joseph Uliano
Head of Production: Neil Maiers
Producer: Melissa Larsen

Editorial Co: Sunset Editorial
Editor: Bill Yukich
EP: Nazeli Kodjoian

Post/Effects Co: Baked Goods

Telecine Co: Company 3
Colorist: Dave Hussey
Shoot Location: Malibu, CA


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