Katy Perry looks more like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane in this Funny Or Die sketch urging people to vote. Because we haven't been urged to vote enough by Hollywood already. What is it with celebrities this year trying to bribe us with skin to do stuff? First everyone was promising Mark Ruffalo would get naked in his next movie if we all vote for Hillary in Joss Whedon's Vote For Hillary Clinton commercial. Now Katy Perry wants to show off skin because I guess Funny Or Die or Rock The Vote presume that's the only way people will give a toss about the election. This Rock The Vote branded, Funny Or Die-produced spot is crass and unlikeable. It manages to sexually objectify both men and women. Sadly, it doesn't manage to do is be funny.
I guess it's because the idea and the brief that spawned it, assuming there was one, is horrid. I don't believe the big reason people aren't wanting to go to vote is because they don't look pretty-- even in L.A. where I live that's not the case. So as a comedic premise, it's just stupid. You can say I'm taking it too seriously but again let me remind you, this is an ad. And ads are supposed to have ideas. Hopefully good ones. As far as this one goes, I would put Katy Perry rambling like she's a meth head about pajamas and voting in the shinola category.

Client: Rock the Vote Production: Funny Or Die Starring: Katy Perry

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