Rymdreglage - "8-bit trip" video in lego - (2009) 3:50 (Sweden)


Rymdreglage - "8-bit trip" video in lego - (2009) 3:50 (Sweden)

Proof that hard work pays off, or at least gains you cred from all lego&gamergeeks everywhere in the world is the 8-bit trip video animated in Lego from Rymdreglage. The duo Tomas Redigh and Daniel Larsson did the music which nods in sound to console games, while Tomas Redigh spent about 1500 hours moving bits of Lego around in his studio/barn between december 2008 to july 2009 to create this visual feast of a video. Spot all the games in there, Hello Tetris, Hello Pong, Hello Mario, ah, gamer nostalgia done right. Kudos!

Director: Tomas Redigh



More like spot all the demoscene effects in there. ;)

… some reference material might be found at pouet.net

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