A man from Fukuoka, a woman from Tokyo, to prove their love, they ran to meet each other.

Gold winner at Cannes lions where this explanation was posted:

Publicising the product benefits of Sagami Original, the world's thinnest condom at just 0.02 mm. By communicating a "love" theme, we were able to build an aimiable brand image that differed from other competitors. We used a real long distance couple from the entries received and asked them to run a 1000 km marathon. The goal is for the two to embrace. When they do embrace, the distance between them, that began at 1,000,000,000 mm is now 0 mm..".. and yet love needs distance", is inserted, and the distance is pushed back to 0.02 mm. Thus the benefit of the world thinnest condom.

Title: LOVE DISTANCE Advertiser/Client: SAGAMI RUBBER INDUSTRIES Product/Service: CONDOMS Entrant Company: GT Tokyo, JAPAN Advertising Agency: GT Tokyo, JAPAN Creative Credits Creative Director: Naoki Ito Copywriter: Naoki Ito Production Company: ROCK & ROLL Tokyo, JAPAN Director: Kan Eguchi Producer: Atsuki Yukawa Editor: Keisuke Ohta Sound Design/Arrangement: Takahisa Mitsumori Music: Artist/Title: Ryuichi Sakamoto Art Director: Naoki Ito Lighting: Takahiro Konomi/Hidenori Kogo/Naoki Goya/Kinya Tsukamoto/Hiroyo Morita/Kimitaka Kajihara Post Production: Eitaro Yamamoto/Hiroyuki Watanabe Non-Grid/Rock& Roll Japan/S2 Factory/Rhizomatiks/Tsumuji Technology/Pickles/Rkb Motion