SALT "Face The Red (2013) 8:15 (U.S.A.)


SALT "Face The Red (2013) 8:15 (U.S.A.)

Dealing with student debt can be a horror. Thankfully, non-profit SALT is here to help. With a nifty little microsite, a ten thousand dollar give away (hope she didn't go to portfolio school as ten g's is a pittance) and some good advice for this girl.

Hopefully they'll start by telling her to don't just pay the minimum to cover the interest but add anything extra to pay down the principal. And then hopefully they'll tell her she might be working 55 hours a week, but she can get a part time on the weekends because if it's that bad and she's that smart, she'll do whatever it takes to stay afloat. Especially when she has a fancy phone and computer and expensive apartment and goes out drinking on the weekends and buys expensive groceries. If I were here parents I wouldn't have floated her money either. I mean really, how entitled and lazy is this middle class girl? Will SALT people tell her to grow up?

Also I know you put "film" in the title, but guys, those art cards and call to action at the end make it a commercial. And an 8 minute one at that.


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