Once again 72 and Sunny mock the constant queueing the Apple fans will do to lay their hands on the next hot new apple gadget, while a Samsung user is only in line to "hold a spot" for someone else. The Samsung wants to show that it's intuitive, innovative, and stylish, and as Samsung owners pop playlists over to each other with phone-fistbumps, the Apple-queueing crew grow increasingly envious.

With the recent lawsuit results basically confirming that Samsung is like Apple, only with bigger screens and more stuffs, and the recent Apple ads failing after only running for a weekend, we are watching the former underdog stumbling as they are now the Goliath everyone else wants to usurp. Samsung mocks the iPhone in print and shows someones parents being the iphone customers. It's official. Samsung are cooler than Apple, even if they didn't pay the $1bn Apple fine in nickels, just the fact that meme survived shows what people think. They are rooting for the new underdog.

Samsung started going after the apple fanboys in last years Super Bowl campaign, with an ad that won the super bowl scrimmage 2011.

Ad agency: 72 and sunny

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