Stardust and Cheil Worldwide created this effort for Samsung's Galaxy 5S. It has a Zune meets iPod feel to it, but does a great job of demonstrating the Galaxy's features.

Client: Samsung Galaxy S5 Ad Agency: Cheil Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Kate Oh Director: Liukh Yu Art Director: Tae Jin Lim Producer: Lee Seok Kim Account Manager: Winnie Hwang Production Company: Stardust Managing Director: Dexton Deboree Executive Producer: Sue Lee Creative Director: Sean Starkweather Producer: Melina Osornio Storyboard Artists: Ken Lee, Tristyn Pease, Judah Dobin Designers: Ken Lee, D’Ara Nazaryan, Angela Ko, Luis Salcedo, Randy South 2D Animators: Evan Stalker, Theo Alexopoulos, Laura Yilmaz, Rachel Yonda, Michael Relth, Peter Lee, Louis Morton, Max Graenitz Compositors: Evan Stalker, Theo Alexopoulos, Michael Relth, Peter Lee Lead Modeler: Sharlene Lin Modeler: Piero Desopo 3D Animation, Texture & Lighting: Kevin Culhane, Evan Stalker

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