Samsung is proud to present the gaming marathon. Where your running turns into a donation. How does it work? Throughout the marathon course you will see coin stickers. Each coin you step on will be transferred to our database via the chip attached to your chest number and then will be converted into money which id donated to the community under your name. Run Play Donate. Fun idea for a good cause-- their good cause, as the runners get to choose the charity their money goes to. It's all part of the Samsung Tel Aviv Marathon, this February 24th.

Client: Samsung Israel Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Israel Chief Executive Officer: Adam Polachek Executive Creative Director: Ami Alush Copywriter: Oren Ben Naim Copywriter: Oded Zur Art Director: Meital Miller Art Director: Raphael Nattiv Producer: Menny Zarhia Account Director: Limor Michaeli Account manager: Tseela Freund Account Executive: Inna Tubin