Samsung - Overly Attached Computer / OAG / OAC - (2012) 1:50 (USA)


Samsung - Overly Attached Computer / OAG / OAC - (2012) 1:50 (USA)

Laina AKA Overly Attached Girlfriend is your Overly Attached Computer and she wants you to know that she'll only behave if you get her a Samsung somethingorother. Do it or that porn you've collected will be sent to your facebook page. Oh, it wants you to get an extra hard drive? Well you can't blame the girl for wanting something hard, right? Laina, you can retire now, you've reached paid-ad-gig status.

Ad agency: 72andSunny



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More like "overly-attached to

More like "overly-attached to getting 'ideas' from youtube."

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Third, rather unexpectedly,

Third, rather unexpectedly, was Bee on Chevron

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