Samsung has a new Galaxy coming out on the 21st of February. To celebrate, they are having seven days of unboxing. For the very first they had a child named Tyson unbox it in some weird dark sci-fi inspired platform that seems more akin to where Batman keeps his gear. Although of course we don't get to see the real phone the kid gets to see, because teaser.Then he comes out of the weird box and sits down and plays with his markers and draws the phone. If there's six more days of this, it had better be one hell of a phone.

Client: Samsung Nordic Agency: DDB Stockholm Art Director: Joel Ekstrand Copywriter: Nick Christiansen Agency Producer: Mattias Coldén Account Manager: Susanne Ytterlid Account Director: Christian Westelindh Digital Director: Andreas Fabbe Planner: Patrick Wilkorsz Business Director: Jacob Sandström Production Company: Acne Director: Anders Jedenfors