What a touching idea. Samsung has developed a new way for parents & preemies to connect, via sound. "Voices of Life," a Launching People initiative, enables a mother's voice and heartbeat to be transmitted to a baby inside an incubator "wombified", which has been shown both to help parents bond with their babies and to enable babies to receive the maternal sounds they need for healthy brain development. No more beeps and machines as babies company only at night, but mom's heartbeat and lullabies. My thought went straight to the boy who beeps, but babies don't learn to beep-communicate with those hospital sounds around then, they are just robbed of the comforting womb sounds that help their brains develop.

A baby starts to hear sounds in utero around 24 weeks, but for the 15 million premature babies born each year, the nurturing sound of the womb is lost. Research suggests that exposure to a mother’s voice and heartbeat can help a preemie’s brain develop and grow. Launching People, a global campaign by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., designed to help consumers unleash their potential and create meaningful change through the use of Samsung technology, initiated this pilot program. Through the "Voice of Life" app and Samsung speaker technology, a mother's voice and heartbeat will be "wombified" for baby's ears (a process which removes high frequencies not present in the womb), and then sent to the incubator at NICU.

Fantastic idea. Also "wombified" is a lot simpler than you'd expect, they simply make it better for week for baby's ears by using a process that removes high frequencies not present in the womb.

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